The University of Malawi Research Support Office was established to support local researchers in designing and conducting research; to ensure quality research standards; to provide comprehensive training in winning proposal writing, Research Methodology, Grant Proposal Writing, Statistical Analysis and Data Management; and to manage research grants with the overall goal of developing a research agenda and climate that will allow sustainable and successful competition for international grants and local research.

Research Support Office Composition

Research Support Office Secretariat

  1. Dean of Research- Associate Prof Mangani Katundu

  2. Research Support Officer-

  3. Administrative Assistant- Mrs Ndikufela Malekano

  4. Office Assistant- Ms Juliana Sani

Research and Publication Committee (RPC) members

  1. Associate Prof Mangani Katundu- Chairperson

  2. Prof Garton Kamchedzera- Faculty of Law

  3. Dr Chikumbutso Manthalu- School of Education

  4. Dr Symon Makwinja- Faculty of Humanities

  5. Mr Mwawi Msiska- Faculty of Science

  6. Dr Gowokani Chirwa- Faculty of Social Science

  7. Dr Chrissie Thakwalakwa Kantukule- Centre for Social Research (CSR)

  8. Dr Elizaberth Meke- Centre For Educational Research and Training (CERT)

  9. Associate Prof Winfred Mkochi- Centre for Language Studies (CLS)

  10. Associate Prof Jimmy Namangale- Natural Resources and Environment Centre (NAREC)

  11. Mr Alfred Banda- Administration

  12. UNIMAREC Secretariat